18 Mar 2024 10:30:30
Soph Dyer
Augarten, Wien
I enter the radio frequency incorrectly and only discover half way through the satellite pass. My bike is leant against a Yew bush. The park is full of children and adult carers, sat on benches in the sun. In my usual spot there was an older woman talking animately to herself, I decide not to risk interupting her. The temperature has dropped, but the sky remains clear. I will call Sasha to discuss this project.
17 Mar 2024 11:17:21
Sasha Engelmann
Hackney Downs, London
United Kingdom
A gentle rain fell for the first half of the morning but conveniently began to let up before I headed outside to the park. The grass felt warm somehow, even though it was slick and waterlogged. As I stood with my antenna in the usual field, reflecting on the horizon, a jogger passed close by and in the space of twenty seconds we had a brief exchange. As he ran off he remarked 'the things you can do in the local park!'
31 Oct 2021 10:05:49
Joaquín Ezcurra, Aimée Juhazs
Parque Nacional Ciervo de los Pantanos, Campana, Argentina
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Today was a day of unexpected low temperatures, after many days of intense heat in the region of Buenos Aires and surrounding areas. After a week of record high temperatures -this has been the hottest October in record- the, but the arrival of a Sudestada, cooled the region. The Sudestada (Southeast blow) is a common meteorological phenomenon in the region of Río de la Plata and surrounding areas, of cold winds from the south to the southeast quadrant, which saturates polar air masses with moisture. Since the Río de la Plata is immensely wide and rather shallow, this wind has been historically associated with rising waters and floods. As we were recording the NOAA satellite passes, the wind was blowing at roughly 30kms per hour – and increasing- from the SE, and the temperature falling. The moving mass of air lifted the dust of a dirt road, and at times, the screen of my laptop moved when it received a sudden wind gust. The arrival of this breeze had us a little worried if it would be accompanied with precipitation, but thankfully no, we could do the whole satellite pass without getting wet. The wind did give us a sense of excitement and connection with what we were doing. In this respect, as the sky was overcast, we reflected on how the satellite download link was offering us a glimpse above the very same clouds we were seeing.