Nowcast: COP26

Nowcast: 6 Sep 2020

Open-weather is a project by Sophie Dyer and Sasha Engelmann probing the noisy relationships between bodies, atmospheres and weather systems through experiments in amateur radio, open data and feminist tactics of sensing and séance.

Open-weather encompasses a series of how-to guides, critical frameworks and public workshops on the reception of satellite images using free or inexpensive amateur radio technologies. When possible, we work with open source software and hardware. We focus on access to technology and we strive for equity. In a feminist mode, we ask: who or what gains power from satellite imagery, radio technology and meteorological data?

Browse our archive of amateur radio-generated weather data, learn how to set up your own satellite ground station on our Public Lab wiki, or submit your own weather reading to the open-weather archive.

On September 6th 2020, open-weather collaborators and extended networks co-produced the global weather ‘nowcast’ featured on this site.

Contributions from: Audrey Briot; Sofia Caferri; Sophie Dyer M6NYX; Sasha Engelmann M6IOR; Steve Engelmann; Joaquin Ezcurra; Jacques Gentil; Bill Liles NQ6Z; L. Paul Verhage KD4STH; Yoshiki Matsuoka JF1SAG; Ankit Sharma; Zack Wettstein; WXVids

The Open-weather website was created in collaboration with Piper Haywood, and it will shift as the community grows.