Year of Weather
September 2024 – September 2025
Unsolicited Translocal
Satellite Séance Rebroadcast
20 February 2024
WGXC 90.7 FM, Wave Farm USA
Weather Between Us
22 December 2023 – 22 December 2024
Unsolicited Translocal
Atmosférica: Semana de la Escucha
Project Talk
July 2023
Tsonami Arte Sonoro Chile
When I image the earth, I imagine another
Project Writing
February 2023
Library Stack Online
Lecture performance for Sonic Acts: Leaving Traces
Project Talk
October 2022
Sonic Acts The Netherlands
Exhibition at Getxophoto
Exhibition Project
June 2022
Getxophoto Basque Country, Spain
Story of the Feminist Antifascist Weather Front
Project Writing
April 2022
Ecoes Magazine The Netherlands
Ujazdowski Castle for Contemporary Art Residency
Project Talk Workshop
April – July 2022
Ujazdowski Castle for Contemporary Art Poland
COP26 Nowcast
Exhibition Nowcast Project
31 October 2021
The Photographers' Gallery UK
Make me a signal
Project Radio
July 2021
Isle of Mull Scotland
Impossible Weather Station
Exhibition Project
June 2021
Lotringer 13 Halle Germany
Transmission Ecologies feat. Sasha Engelmann
Project Radio
April 2021
Movement Radio Greece
Satellite Séance for Collective
Exhibition Project
April 2021
Collective Gallery UK
Nowcast: 6 September 2020
Nowcast Project
6 September 2020
Our Networks Canada
Open Work, Second Body
Exhibition Project
May 2020
London UK
Satellite Séance
Multiple locations UK
Lore of the Radio Fossil
Exhibition Project Writing
September 2017
Unsolicited Multiple locations