Third issue of Ecoes magazine. Image: Sonic Acts

Story of the Feminist Antifascist Weather Front

A work of speculative fiction, When I image the earth, I imagine another, was written for the third edition of Ecoes magazine.

The story follows an emerging network of womxn called the Feminist Antifascist Weather Front who use a zombie satellite’s transmissions to track a bomb cyclone over the South Pacific ocean.

Illustrated by Iranian visual artist Golrokh Nafisi, the story builds on the imaginary performed in open-weather’s nowcast for COP26. It probes the emancipatory possibilities of an alliance of amateur satellite signal decoders and earth-watchers in a not-too-distant future.

▴ Artwork by Golrokh Nafisi
▴ Artwork by Golrokh Nafisi
▴ Spread from Ecoes magazine published by Sonic Acts Press. Image: Sonic Acts


Golrokh Nafisi is an Iranian visual artist. Nafisi works through bodies and ideologies to imagine and shape new works forms of collective action.

Thank you George Adamson, Toni Brell, Joaquín Ezcurra, Bill Liles (NQ6Z) and Carl Reinemann for sharing your expert subject knowledge. Warm thanks to Nicola Locatelli and Teresa Cos for reading and commenting on earlier versions of this text.

The story was commissioned by Sonic Acts for the third edition of Ecoes magazine.