Photo: Roel Backaerd

Feminist Space Agency

For two days we formed a Feminist Space Agency in -1, the basement of the Nieuwe Instituut in Rotterdam. The transitory and experimental Agency was co-created and composed of open-weather, Martinican textile designer Michèle Boulogne, Dutch researcher and designer Cristina Cochior, Iranian visual artist Golrokh Nafisi, Iranian writer and researcher Ahmad Kadivar, alongside Digital Culture Lab Directors, Ramon Amaro and Benjamin Earl.

Together we asked: what would a feminist space agency remote sense? How would it read the weather? We tracked satellites over the Instituut pond, discussed how to co-opt their imagery for trans-local struggles, meditated on the embodiment of weather and a politics of resolution and resistance.

▴ NOAA-15 on 26 September 2023 at 07:58 am
▴ NOAA-19 on 26 September 2023 at 10:43 am


Thank you Ramon Amaro and Benjamin Earl for inviting and hosting us.

Thank you Christina Cochior, Michèle Boulogne, Golrokh Nafisi and Ahmad Kadivar for sharing, creating, and folding space with us.

Photography by Roel Backaerd