Photo: Peak

DIY Satellite Imagery Reception and Reading with Peak Peers

Open-weather joined the Peak Peers for a one-day DIY Satellite Ground Station workshop in Crickhowell near the Welsh Black Mountains.

We shared how we talk about weather: from the valley hugging clouds known as “dragon’s breath” to hyperlocal turns of phrase, such as to be “given rain” or “given sun”. We discussed the importance of feminist histories of organising and DIY praxis, such as the Radio Pirate-Woman, an illegal radio station broadcasting in 1980s Ireland. We collected, folded, cut and wove satellite imagery.


Thank you Peak, in particular Louise Hobson and Ellen Wilson, for inviting us to contribute to such a joyful and inspiring programme, and for supporting us to travel by train to Abergavenny.

Peak Peers is an evolving programme developed for, and with, young people aged 18–30 living and working in Southeast Wales. The programme offers the opportunity to participate and shape a programme exploring creative practice, climate, collective action, hope and ways to work together – with contributions from poets, artists, geologists, climate technology activists and others as part of its creative curriculum.

Photography by Peak.