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The weather was very cold, hitting 0 degrees celsius during the pass. There was very little wind, only 4mph from the north west.The sky was mostly clear, with some wispier clouds towards the south eastern horizon. The UK is currently experiencing a cold turn with air from the Arctic spreading south across the country and bringing freezing to near-freezing temperatures. In response the Met Office has issued a Level 3 Cold Weather alert across England with very cold nights expected. Due to the ongoing UK Energy Crisis, which has driven household energy costs up, I fear what this cold spell could mean for those trying to save money by not using their heating, those who cannot afford to turn on the heating, and indeed those without heating at all. During the satellite pass, the warmth of my hands against the cool metal of the turnstile created condensation, making it slippy to hold. As the pass went on my hands lost more feeling, until by the end I couldn't feel them at all, making it difficult to hold the turnstile and afterwards stop the recording and begin to decode it.


7 December 2022 19:36:41


Egham, Surrey

Country or Territory

United Kingdom


Maddie J.



Radio Callsign

Latitute / Longitude

51.424815, -0.568336