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The weather this morning was beautiful and since we just ended daylight saving last night it was already really bright and also quite sunny. The temperature felt very agreeable even at 10 degrees due to the sun. The fog had by now disappeared – this is my second pass of the day. By now the clouds were of cirrocumulus and cirrus kind. The second location I chose for sensing was further outside the city on the balcony of a small castle. It was more windy there and the trajectory was partially blocked by surrounding buildings which has substantial influence at an elevation of 47°. However, the reception was much clearer most of the time than during the first pass with an elevation of 77°. Theoretically the pass started at 18 past but I was only able to receive a proper signal at around 22 so I also only started the recording at this moment in time.


31 October 2021 10:22:23


Schloss Solitude, Gerlingen

Country or Territory



Jasmin Schädler / FamSchä



Radio Callsign

Latitute / Longitude

48.786844162404, 9.0847157649188