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The weather this morning was beautiful and since we just ended daylight saving last night it was already really bright and also quite sunny. The temperature felt very agreeable even at 9 degrees due to the sun. There was some fog lying over the city and the sun light was defused by some thin clouds. There was almost no wind. I chose an outlook platform for this pass that is located such that the trajectory from N-E-S was free of obstacles. I had a perfect view over the valley that the inner city of Stuttgart is located in. Even though the pass had an elevation of 70°, I had trouble receiving the signal. It felt somehow deflected and was difficult to capture. The whole pass was very noisy and the resulting image is almost pure distortion.


31 October 2021 08:07:11



Country or Territory



Jasmin Schädler / FamSchä



Radio Callsign

Latitute / Longitude

48.794875722583, 9.1756971252439