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I woke relieved to see a cloudy sky and even a few drops of rain. By eleven o'clock the sky had mostly cleared and the temperature is rising again. I feel the heat on my face as I lean out of the window to receive this image. My left arm turned to jelly as I tried to maintain the pose, thrusting my antenna as far East as possible. The Kestrels nesting in the building across the street made frequent alarm calls. Two flying ants danced around the stone work below me. It's Sunday, but N and I leave for Split by train tonight, so I am working a funding application. Sasha, I know that my contributions have been inconsistent recently, sometimes without explanation. It's possible that I struggle with low moods more than I let on. These moods come to me at dusk like swirling low pressure fronts, and often pass by the time I have finished my morning coffee. I don't think I am depressed nor unhappy, I just think too much.


30 June 2024 11:34:24


Hanging out of the window, sun on my face

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Soph Dyer



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48.2082, 16.3719