Interview for Neural magazine: Strange Weathers

Press Publication
Neural Online
March 2023

When I image the earth, I imagine another

Project Publication
Library Stack Online
February 2023

Open-weather: Speculative-feminist propositions for planetary images in an era of climate crisis

Publication Research Writing
Geoforum Online
December 2022

Words of Weather: A Glossary

Onassis Stegi Greece
October 2022

Story of the Feminist Antifascist Weather Front

Project Publication Writing
Ecoes Magazine The Netherlands
April 2022

How to capture satellite images in your backyard – and contribute to a snapshot of the climate crisis

Press Publication
The Conversation Online
February 2022

Im/Possible Images Reader

Lotringer 13 Halle Germany
July 2021

Planetary Radio

Publication Writing
The Contemporary Journal Online
March 2021

Energy Systems

Well Projects UK
December 2020

Lore of the Radio Fossil

Exhibition Project Publication Research
Unsolicited Multiple locations
September 2017